Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer web hosting service for free?
We do not provide web hosting service for free. We just offer free domain redirection service.

I've just registered but I can't access my web site.
Check whether your real home page address works. If not, the new address won't work too. If it works, probably the target URL, the address of your homepage we have, is incorrect. You can modify it any time at the member page of our site.

Could the service be slow down or even stopped?
We promise we will run enough servers of sufficient performance to provide you the best service quality. Our servers are located at one of the best internet data center in the world. It's fast and stable. If you can not access your site or if it's slow, that's mostly because of your ISP or the web server that contains your html file. It's very hard to imagine that our server contributes to the slow access speed. There is an easy way you can check it.
In that case, please compare to use your real address with (when you use)our service. If you feel the difference between the mean speeds, please let us know right away.

Are there any cases my domain is deleted?
Yes, if you violate our rules. If your site has been rejected by Hostnic. It may not a valid url or your redirect site isn't a right site for free domain.we do not redirect illegal/ spam/ adult site. Usually, revocation of a registration would be done regularly and automatically without notice. You can see the details at Terms & Conditions.

Can I use the same address for my life time ?
Sure. If your real homepage / e-mail address is changed, change your information at my account. Your friends or clients will only need to remember just one address you got from our service.

Can I register without my own web site?
You can redirect your own web site or blogs as well. We would like to suggest you to bulid your own site or own blog, if you want to redirect at Hostnic. However our service could be restricted or even stoped in some cases if you do not use for long time.You better access your domain sometimes.